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Encouraging Play Encourages a Child’s Development

The ability to play is not only to being happy, but also to sustain social relationships and being a creative, innovative person.

Play is important for children. Various research have shown the importance of play in children and why it should  be a fundamental part of a child’s life.

Why is play important and what does it do for children? We all know that children like play but not many know what play means to the impact t of play to their life.

Play provides an opportunity for children to practice skills they will need in the future. It allows children to practice  decisions- making skills,share,learn to work in groups, advocate for themselves and resolve conflicts.

Naturally, children are very inquisitive. They learn, explore and make sense out of their environment by playing. This learning activity can be adopted by parents and schools by making sure child-friendly toys, materials and environment  are made available for the child.

Through play, children learn things about the world and discover information important to learning. They also learn basic things such as counting, colors, how to build things and how to solve problems. Each time a child plays, his thinking and reasoning skills are put to work.

Play helps achieve certain needs such as a sense of accomplishment, giving and receiving attention and the need for self- esteem. It helps them grow a strong  sense of self. They learn to be fair and through pretence they learn proper way showing emotion such as fear, anger ,frustration , stress and find a way of taking care these feelings.

Therefore, encourage your child’s play. Painting, color pictures, build structures with imaginary cities with blocks and some sporting activities. Childhood can be fun only if you allow your child to make the best of it by encouraging his play and not deny them of the right.

Play offers children the opportunity for energy to be utilized. It builds and improves small and large motor skills and it builds stamina and strength. Sensory learning mostly improves through play. Play is essential for physical development.