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How to Prepare Your Child for Daycare

Parents have the responsibility to provide the best experiences for their children. However, relocating children from home care to full-time kindergarten or daycare can be a great challenge for many. A child can effectively socialize with strangers when their parents are very close by, but when their parents leave, it becomes a struggle for them to adapt.

How Can A Parent Overcome This?

Parents who face these difficulties can overcome it quickly if there is someone that their child is very familiar with; it could be a family member or a friend.

Parents should take out time to research different daycare centers and choose the one that best suits their child. It is not wrong if a parent seeks advice on this matter. Feel free to ask other parents who have children in different daycare centers. The daycare you wish your child to attend must be excellent with children.

Department of Social Services

There is an organization called the “Department of Social Services.” This department can provide you with a list of authorized daycare services. Since it is about your child’s health and welfare, do not settle for less, make sure you get the best for them. Once you have found an excellent daycare, take the child along with you to check the place out. This will allow them to observe their new environment and get to know the person or people that will take care of them, and if they get comfortable the place.

Pay Constant Visits

Parents can report to the daycare center daily, checking out the activities the child participates in. Parents can inquire from the daycare institution if their child can bring along some of their items from home to improve their child’s comfortability and activeness. If a child carries their most cherished object, that child will feel safe in the new environment. Most children will take a few weeks to make the change, so their cherished object will give them a piece of home with them.

So What Are Some Objects Children Might Want To Bring With Them?

Children can bring along their teddies, pictures, or their favorite toys. If available, parents can ask their child whether they need a family member or a close friend to watch over them when they feel lonely.

Note: Your son must make this decision. Otherwise, if you decide for them, it could worsen the situation. Parents must be patient with them during the adjustment periods in their new environment. As a result, the transition is more comfortable when parents try to stay sometime in the morning to help them engage in some activity in their new environment. Let the first day in the kindergarten be short. Inform your child about the exact time you will pick them up and make sure you are present at that time. Initially, daycare will be easier if your child knows exactly the time they will see their parent later in the day; this gives them a sense of security.


The most important thing you can do for your child is to drop them off at daycare while they are in a positive mood. A parent should say words like: I trust you would be fine when I am away. These words would help keep your child through their time without you. Most children settle in well after about fifteen minutes from when their parents leave them. When you get back to pick them up, give them some hugs and kisses and praise them for getting through the day.