Make Quality Time With Your Child Count

With our daily life schedules between work, house chores, keeping up with appointments, and the like. All hinders us from spending that much-needed quality time with our children. Good parent-child intimacy is built on quality time. The time you spend together is how you get to know about each other’s feelings, experiences, thoughts, and how to go about individual decisions. This helps strengthen your relationship with your child. Children who spend quality time with their parents perform better in school and other extracurricular activities, hobbies or sports. It’s therefore imperative that you spend enough time with your child and share exciting moments with him.

There Is Never Enough Time In A Day

Perhaps you’re wondering how you’re going to create that time out of your schedule. You need to start adjusting to it and place them at the top on your order of priority.

Here’s are some helpful examples of how you can make the most of your time and find the quality time where you think you can’t.

  • From your daily routine, look at the ones that are least important, that can be sacrificed to make more family time. This will help you have a little more time for your child.
  • Make that drive to school a time to have some conversations. Ask them about their feelings, thoughts, and what they are going through in their life.

For a parent who might have more than one child, you should know that each of them needs your attention individually. You will have to be able to balance this up and try to be flexible to make it happen. Don’t miss this individual times with each child. By doing that, you create an impression that they lower on your priority list than the household chore or the grocery shopping.

Parent-child intimacy is necessary as it helps bond and build love. Therefore, spend quality time with them for them to know you genuinely care about them.