Our Ever Changing Role as a Parent

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Be Involved, Be Your Best, Be A Parent.

It’s crazy to imagine how quickly our children grow.  For most of us, “it seems like yesterday,” and as an overnight experience. They used to be tiny, became small children, and then, before we could blink, there were “big kids” who are now involved in school, in fashion trends, making themselves friends and discovering how to become more and more independent.

There is a biblical saying that says, “Train the child in the way he (that child) needs to go.” Therefore, the less you can think, and observe that your child has good plans and a plan for a fantastic little life, the better and easier it becomes for you to keep them on that same path. Carefully observe how your child is evolving almost instantly.  Whether it is about new trends, fashion, technology, or the whole way of life.  This is parenting.

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A child raises the interest of the parent so he or she can easily have a great conversation with them. As our children grow, develop, learn, and mature, so should our roles and styles of parenting. Parents should always look to improve and apply the latest strategies for managing their children that fit their parenting styles and beliefs.  

As you see your kids grow throughout the years, you will discover that they have their own unique and distinct personality and temperament. That is what you need to develop as a parent. With this aim in mind, you will unconsciously re-develop your parental skills around them, meeting their individual needs.

If you have more than one child, know that every child has a unique personality that parent should not disrupt. Therefore, your parenting style must be different with different issues on different kids. Parents must be aware of the special features of their children. The amount of direction and involvement for one can differ from the other. As a parent, some may have you lead, show, and encourage them during their childhood while trying to boost their independence and praise for their self-esteem and trust level. However, another child may have intrinsic motivation and be very willing, and may not require as much leadership. While this supports their independence, it is also important to encourage their ability to seek help when needed and to continue to celebrate their good deeds and attributes.

Tools that we need to adopt for the upbringing of children.

  • Open your eyes and our ears, we have to see what is happening to our children and we have to listen to what they are saying to us.

  • Encourage them to become better, regardless of their age or abilities.

  • It is possible that a parent might not have to be directly involved in his or her child’s education to ensure academic success, but that he or she must be more involved in his social life because he or she may feel a little unstable or afraid to create new friends or to meet new people, everyone is different. 


Your parental skills must be adapted to your child’s needs. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart opened to accommodate all that comes your way for your children’s wellbeing. Communicate honestly and openly with them and they will embrace you gracefully.