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Positive Discipline without Hurting Your Child

Our goal in disciplining our children is to convey responsibility, kindness, and respectfulness. Besides, let’s face it: none of us want to hurt our children physically or by using harsh words. We want to teach our child that certain acts are inappropriate, yet we want to punish those acts by shouting or beating, which is at best, hypocritical. Kids always find a way to stir up anger in parents.  They tend to push our buttons sometimes and try our patience. It is easy to feel angry, sad, angry, upset, confused and hurt. However, this is when our parenting skills are being tested.  It is imperative for parents to maintain a gentle, yet a firm attitude towards discipline our children.

Disciplining Your Child

The best way to discipline is always to remain consistent, provide the same punishment for the same crime.   Discuss the discipline measures with your child even before they even commit the offense. Do this openly and honestly.

Parents should consider how they discipline with their children.   They must take into account their age, maturity, and temperament when disciplining their children. It would be much better for parents to talk about these disciplinary measures with their children, in order for them to understand them in advance.   They should be aware of what to expect when they misbehave and devise an approach to avoid these disciplinary measures. Parents must relate all concepts of disciplinary actions with love. Remember that your intent is to correct their behavior, their actions, or their bad manners.

Be Willing to Learn With Your Child

I understand how frustrating and disappointing it is to correct the same attitude, the same character, or the same behavior of your children. However, when you do not practice your discipline in the right way, you will find yourself screaming and hitting anything in the vicinity.

Parents should strive to keep an open mind and be willing to learn with their child. If you lose the proper discipline of your child, he or she will no longer trust your decision as he or she grows up. Children are different. Therefore, parents should know the behavior of each child. All of us make mistakes at times, and it is essential to understand that not all forms of discipline work with all children. Children are as unique as adults are; parents have to adapt every style of discipline to the individual needs of the children. However, parents should do this with little anticipation, patience, strength, love, and understanding. If all this is included, discipline can have a positive result on their children.