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Present a Unified Parenting Front When Disciplining Your Child

There are differences in the disciplinary measures taken by parents in children. When it comes to the involvement of the two parents, it is vital that both parents be on the same page.   Consistently applying the same discipline, regardless of their marital status is vital. However, I recognize that disciplining your child is never an easy task. But, you will soon realize the importance of consistency and always adhering to disciplinary consequences stated.

Therefore, there must be an agreement between parents on how to discipline their children. Parents must be careful not to impose disciplinary preferences.  Both parents must be consistent in solving similar situations with the same disciplinary measures.

Parents Must Agree on Discipline Plan

Regardless of the marital status of the parents, whether they are separated or divorced, when they disagree with each other about disciplining their child, it can become a confusing situation for the child. Both parents must agree on the intention of disciplining their children is fair and that its application is firm and prescribed in honestly. Your efforts to discipline your child should be made with love and sincerity. Both parents should sit with their child and develop rules, expectations, and consequences in case of violation of these rules.

Additionally, if parents disagree about disciplinary rules or other pedantic parental problems, they must solve them in the absence of their child. If their child witnesses their disagreement, they may try to manipulate the situation in their favor and cause several conflicts between parents.

Children are better observers than listeners, and therefore, when parents teach children about these good behavioral attitudes, they also have to continue to practice what they are preaching.  Children learn more about values and beliefs from adult practices than from a simple act of teaching or mere talks.

What would you instruct about parents that scream and yell at their child?

I consider this act as a form of hypocritical and ineffective discipline. Parents should never react in this way to the behavior of their children. Parents must decide on which response they need to adopt in teaching their children. They must be aware of their reaction in the same way. Doing so will allow you to be calmer and more effective in correcting your child.

What worked while you were young may not work well now. Because of this, learn to approach different situations differently. Parents should be consistent with discipline, but they should also allow the discipline to be flexible enough using common sense to achieve better results.  Some rules may have to remain the same.  You may choose to change or eliminate others and introduce new ones based on the progress of children’s development. However, regardless of the situation, parents must always agree to discipline their children in with effective disciplinary measures.