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    At Home Curriculum

    Summer is winding down and we have to get back to real life this week. It has been an awesome summer with lots of events and family time. However, our schedule has been so out of whack. As much as I’m sad to end this summer, I’m looking forward to getting back into a good routine. I’m also crossing my fingers that Little S stops teething soon so we can all go back to getting good sleep! We’ve opted to wait until next year to put Little A into preschool, so for this year both kids and I will continue to take Parent Education classes through Pasadena City College. I…

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    Language Skill Building

    As a teacher, I love to try to incorporate learning skills into as many daily activities with the kids as I can. For toddlers, play is the main focus for learning, so including skill builders into normal play is ideal. To engage toddlers in developing language skills, one easy way to add vocabulary is to narrate play. For example, “I see you’re playing with the red car. Wow! It’s going so fast. Now you’re driving the large car. It’s gigantic!” Including different adjectives can be a great way to introduce new words. Occasionally I’ll ask questions, but I find that sometimes Little A, who’s 3, gets frustrated by too many…