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Thanksgiving Traditions

I’ve been trying to find ways to celebrate Thanksgiving this month without skipping straight to Christmas. (We’ve been listening to Christmas songs every day though haha.) All month we’ve added to the Thankful Tree we made together. We make a point of saying what we’re thankful for daily, but I’ve loved writing it out. Our tree is so full. It’s neat to see our blessings written out. 

Last week, we decorated our Gingerbread Turkey from Trader Joe’s. The kids had so much fun! I turned my attention from Little S for a minute and found he had eaten half the foot he was supposed to be decorating. It made for such a happy memory. 

Today it is raining and cold out. It is the perfect day for baking. In our family we each bring an item for Thanksgiving dinner and this year we are bringing pumpkin pie and cookies. We bought the pumpkin pies, but the kids and I made white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and chocolate chip cookies. 

I love being able to create special traditions now that the kiddos are getting older. These are the things I hope they remember, spending time together and enjoying each other’s company. What are some Thanksgiving traditions you have for your family?