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Tips for Fostering A Healthy Reading Habit

We live in a world that is slowly but surely turning away from books and getting glued to monitors or television screens. The importance of developing a passion for reading is often overlooked. Reading is a habit that should be established when the child is relatively young. What can you do to foster this habit?

Pique your child’s interest:

Select your books based on your child’s favorite characters.  Pick a series of books that feature these characters. For my son, it was Spiderman that he could not get enough of. Thanks to this friendly neighborhood spidey, my son latched on to books fairly early in his childhood.

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Build a home-library:

A skill like reading cannot be learnt in isolation. Do not leave all the work for the school and teachers of your children. From a young age pick up books that you think your child will like. Use those books to build your home library and encourage your child to look through the books even if at this age they can not read them.  As this habit is formed, you will notice your child will begin to recreate the stories as they “read” through the book.

Model the importance of reading:

There is no better way to show your child the importance of reading than doing it yourself.  We all know that children at this age will learn by recreating what they see modeled for them.  Reading books with them from a young age will drive not only the importance of reading, but will also lead them to read for pleasure.  With young children it is very important the books are fun with animated characters and pictures. Illustrated picture books, rhymes, silly songs and pretend stories all attract the young child. Use creativity to capture the child’s vivid imagination.