Training the Fussy Eater

Establishing healthy eating habits is very important to avoid problems such as obesity and eating disorders in the future. Several strategies will help your child to accept a more extensive choice of food. It is necessary to offer several types of food to your child before you can know what your toddler prefers to eat. Do not be frustrated if you are introducing these foods, and your toddler will not eat them.  Persistence and modeling are vital when attempting to get your toddler to try new foods.

Children learn quickly; they always observe behavior, words, and love incredible characters and attitudes, which some of them emulate quickly. Therefore, if the parent tends to avoid certain foods and prefers others, the toddler will tend to develop the same food preference.

Children can be fussy when eating, and most of the time, refuse to try new food. This trend is common in many young children. Therefore, parents should not take it as a shocking experience.

Suggestion: Do not limit the diversity of your children’s food to the ones you want. Perhaps your child’s taste is different from yours, and maybe you serve foods that they do not like. Try to set a good example and try out a variety of foods before your child. It could motivate them to do the same.

There are several sources of stress for parents, such as bathing children, brushing their teeth, cleaning them up, carrying and feeding them. However, later (feeding their children) seems harder to overcome.

So, how can you achieve a proper diet for your toddler?

You cannot and should not force your children to eat what they do not want, even if they do not know what you are offering them. It is better to make their eating routine to be fun. Serve foods like carrots, raisins, apples, grapes, sticks, and cakes. These foods can be fun and healthy options for young children to develop healthily.

Children love stories, parents can tell a good story about how children eat healthily, and others do not.  How eating unhealthy can affect their growth and overall health. Explain that it is important for them to eat well, grow appropriately, and allows them to participate in activities with their friends for a longer amount of time.


The trace of healthy and energetic children is in their excellent nutritional habits instilled on them by their parents. Therefore, parents should take note of how their children eat during the day. In most cases, children can also partake in eating three meals a day as the adults do.  As parents, try to be patient with children’s meals and offer them a wide variety of meals so that they can rate their favorite snacks and be open to trying almost anything.