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What Is Daycare?

How did it all begin?

Daycare is very different from the way it all started. In the 60s and 70s, daycare was a temporary job that teenagers, as well as friends or older family members, were great candidates to take care of your children. Caring for children by these teenagers allowed parents to spend the night out on Friday or Saturday. However, before heading out, parents would take out time to prepare meals for their babies, so these teenagers or neighborhood children would only need to help with feeding the baby. Then they clean them up, play with the baby, and put them to bed before bedtime. Parents would then reward these teenagers and neighborhood children with money.

Increment in today’s daycare services

The Department of Labor Statistics has conducted several studies that have shown that about 65% of women have at one time used childcare services. Single moms, and families in which the husband and wife work full time, make up the largest population families that use childcare services. Many of these families turn to daycare when they do not have alternatives such as their parents, grandparents, neighbors, or friends to help them out with the kids.

Today, the daycare service is a full-time job. Some daycare welcome children of all ages, while others accept only children from several months old to the toddler stage. This job is now open to licensed individuals or organizations such as schools, recreational centers, and even churches with similarly licensed facilities for daycare operation.

The price of each day care service varies; it costs more when it is full-time.


The initial plan was a daycare. However, as children got used to their daycare centers, they tend to convert it to a highly structured learning center that offered other wide range of activities. Most of the time, parents are the initiator of this revolution, because they want their children to acquire several other skills in the same place due to kids familiarity with the area. Daycares then add extra activities such as gymnastics, ballet, and martial arts for additional fees. They employ more instructors who provide on-site instructions, which is useful for parents who have little time and for children that cannot receive weekly classes.

Today many daycare centers possess websites, which include their weekly menus. The parent may also request to receive an update of his or her child’s behavior and performances. Communication between daycare institution and parents is essential.